Reservoir, SBC

One of the greatest challenges of the African agriculture market is post-harvest crop loss. Smallholder farmers lose a large percentage of their crops after harvest due to lack of effective crop storage and preservation. The Reservoir solar dryer was created to offer products to solve this problem. Reservoir’s flagship product, the Solar Dryer, was designed specifically for the smallholder farmer as a commercial product with these features:

  • It works where the farmer grows the food – in sunny or rainy conditions. Can process 3 – 8 tons / year.

  • High efficiency, fast dehydration times. Simple design with no electrical components.

  • Preserves maximum nutrition, flavor, and color because food is protected from direct sunlight.

  • A competitive price point that can be financed through microfinance lending.

  • From the first month, the farmer can improve their nutrition (by keeping food) and their income (by selling food).

  • A payback period of 12 to 18 months.

  • Initially manufactured in Africa.

  • Distributed through NGO partners or incentivized local shopkeepers.

As the food dries, the natural acids and sugars are concentrated, resulting in safe food, with a shelf life of many months, rather than days or weeks. By losing the 75 to 95% of its weight that was water, the food is also much easier to store and transport.

Reservoir, SBC, a Specific Public Benefit Company, has licensed the technology and tools, such as training manuals, from Cheetah Development, and is working on a model that is easy to ship anywhere in the World, and can therefore easily reach tens of thousands of farmers throughout the World, through many NGOs.

WATCH how our solar dryers improve the lives of the small farmers: nutrition, income, and reduced harvest loss.



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