Solving global problems requires global partnerships. The movement to end poverty among the developing world’s farmers will require the resources and collaboration of NGOs, government, businesses, and investors. We seek partners that share our vision and that complement our capabilities with their own.



DAI works on the frontlines of international development. Transforming ideas into action—action into impact. DAI is committed to shaping a more livable world.


Fintrac, a woman owned and US-based consulting company, develops agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty. For 25 years, they have worked with local and global partners to increase production, improve postharvest handling, add value, and develop markets and competitive value chains for the world's most vulnerable farmers and communities.

Africare is a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing African development and policy issues by working in partnership with African people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. Cheetah Development has partnered with Africare on several rural development projects.

Business / Supply Chain Partners

Syngenta is one of the world's leading companies with more than 28,000 employees in some 90 countries dedicated to their purpose: Bringing plant potential to life.


Yara´s knowledge, products and solutions grow farmers and industrial customers’ businesses profitably and responsibly, while nurturing and protecting the earth’s resources, food and environment

Banking/Microfinance Institutions

CRDB Bank Plc is one of the leading Financial Services Providers in East Africa with current presence in Tanzania and Burundi. 


University PARTNERS


The University of Iringa produces ethical, competitive and entrepreneurial leaders. Their vision is to further sustainable development in Tanzania through teaching, research and outreach.

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