Invest in a portfolio of value-chain businesses that work directly with smallholder farmers, helping them to successfully commercialize so they can feed the World and exit poverty.

Values and Culture

Culture is the soil that nourishes the growth of our people and businesses. Cheetah’s culture is built around nine values.

Values become most visible when there are difficult choices to be made.  Each challenge we face will both test our values, and – each time we make a choice that costs us something – strengthen them. 

These values are visible in behavior. They are not just nice words, intentions, or feelings. Our colleagues and partners will see our values in the choices we make every day. We expect to be held accountable for actions that are consistent with our values.

We believe that it is by living from the heart, and leading toward results and through challenges, that we will have the maximum impact on the World.  Each value is shown in action; we see them as verbs for which people are accountable. It is actions that matter, not feelings.


We will build a culture of wholeness based upon Love, Justice, and Hope because they are best remedies to the causes of brokenness. Our wholeness values are at the heart of what we do – the “Why?”  Less directly visible, they give passion and energy to what is more evident. Yet, they are also visible through actions, and we expect these actions even when the feelings are not there.


Challenge Values: Leadership Circle

We work in challenging environments, where corruption is rampant and countless other development efforts have failed. We welcome these challenges as a blessing, as they help to focus our attention on what is most important, what will have the most impact, and the wisest use of our resources. In order to build love, justice and hope in this context, leaders need to enact these challenge values: Courage, Creativity, and Trueness. These describe “How?” leaders need to act.


Operational Values: Business Engine

The operational values are the tip of our spear, what people see first – the “What?” They are the culmination of the wholeness and challenge values, and essential to our mission.  We are a company that works to create sustainable and growing impact on the lives of the poor. We will demonstrate that the best way to help the poor is through investing, not only giving. A profitable business is an engine of growth, enabling scalable impact, reaching millions, then billions of the less fortunate. We identify three operational values as essential to being a successful business: Impact, Performance, and Accountability


The complete set of nine values forms a unified whole.  The wholeness, challenge, and operational values deliver the core, leadership, and business engine.

  • Because of Love, I have Courage, which creates Impact. 
  • Hope fuels my Creativity, enabling Performance despite obstacles
  • Justice underpins Trueness, and is shown in Accountability

Many choices call multiple values into the play, so we cannot just choose a few favorites, but must embrace them all.  With an employee disciplinary issue, we apply both Love and Justice.  In devising a solution to a tough problem, we seek solutions that apply both Trueness and Creativity.

Because of this integration, there is no disconnect between purpose (the “Why”), behavior (the “How”), and results (the “What”).  We are accountable for each of these.

We invite each employee and partner to join us!