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Welcome to Cheetah Development

It’s widely agreed that in the third world what is most needed is economic development. Building businesses is far more challenging than giving aid but the results can be bigger and more permanent. We are non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable change for the poor by investing instead of giving handouts. Won’t you learn more?
Our Program
We are engaged in one of the poorest areas on earth, East Africa, primarily in Tanzania. We are filling the gap in an investment range essentially missing in the developing world, from $5,000 to $500,000. This is the key investment size because it starts or grows the small businesses that hire people and drive the economy. Working jointly with local universities, we provide intensive business training and mentoring.
There is no lack of opportunity in the developing world. The needs and therefore, the opportunities are around every corner. The problem is of course, the lack of resources to create solutions. Therefore, Cheetah applies a careful strategy to select investment opportunities that can change the lives of hundreds, thousands or even more families.
Take Action
Cheetah’s model is one of engagement. We work respectfully, asking rather than dictating to local people how we might help. Then it takes money and hands-on participation in people’s lives to make lasting change. There is a role for everyone, whether you visit in Africa or not. Be the change!  
Cheetah creates partnerships with individuals, with local universities and others that desire to study and support, with companies related to our projects, with faith-based organizations, and with foundations. Even science has shown that it is in service to others that we find life’s deepest happiness. Our engagement model creates opportunities to participate!
About Us
Cheetah is really all about you! Making a difference takes the energy of individuals that step out. Our role is to connect people and enable them to exercise their gifts, whether they are from the first or the third world. This is the way that we all grow together.